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Who We Are

Barbara Schlaefer

President & CEO

 “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

The above philosophy is the foundation of Barbara's employee benefits advising practice. She knows employers face many challenges when providing affordable and quality health care for their employees. That is why she puts her 25 plus years of experience of working with employers and all her resources behind helping her clients.

Throughout Barbara’s career, she has challenged the status-quo and strives to embrace new solutions to make employer’s lives easier. She doesn’t consider herself a typical benefits advisor and will look outside her bubble to bring fresh solutions.

When Barbara is not at work, she enjoys the outdoor life and can plan a challenging hike for you on woodland or rocky trails or meet you at the river’s edge with her kayak.

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Dia Sparby

Senior Employee Benefits Specialist

Dia has more than 20 years of experience in the employee benefits industry and it shows! She demonstrates an outstanding ability to quickly identify, gather and analyze necessary information in order to help our clients. She makes staying ahead t of all new developments in the field a priority and stays well-informed and readily shares new information with our clients. She is highly perceptive as to how she can help business owners keep their health care costs down while maintaining quality benefits. She is a dedicated professional with incredible attention to detail


Our clients love working with Dia because she is consistently positive and exudes an optimistic attitude and outlook that is infectious. When Dia is not providing top notch account management for JC Rose, she is home with her three kids and hubby. She is also mom to the furry members of the Sparby family, one very cute doggy and a curious cat.

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Jacob Schlaefer

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Jacob Schlaefer

Office Manager

Jacob has been a vital part of our team as our office manager for over ten years.  He is a graduate of Winona State University with a degree in Education.  Jacob has a passion for health and fitness and also works as a personal trainer. 


When he is not keeping JC Rose running, you can find him coaching Ultimate frisbee for local youth teams or playing for Madison’s own professional Ultimate Frisbee team, The Radicals. 

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